Custom Solutions. Realize trading efficiencies and cost savings with our premier services

N3 Software offers execution, portfolio and risk management solutions for trading firms and brokers. Our experience in real-time systems and with real-life trading has yielded a set of reusable software components that enable us to create reliable, scalable, flexible, and highly efficient customized solutions.
We have deep understanding of various markets and asset classes such as commodities, equities, mutual funds, ETFs, fixed income and FX.
Our multi-protocol solutions ranging from protocol verification and certification to entire message development, integration and migration.

N3 Software provides trading and execution systems solutions for multi-asset, front-to back-office trading solutions for equities, fixed income, derivatives and commodities on exchanges worldwide. These solutions support full lifecycle trading and trade processing activities including information services, market connectivity and order management that help improve trade efficiency and risk monitoring.
We cover all trading systems related development work, including distributed real-time systems programming and quantitative model implementation in C++, Java.

    We have strong knowledge and experience in developing key trading systems components:

  • Trading front ends
  • Order management
  • Market & reference data
  • Risk management
  • Trading strategies
  • Post trade processing
N3 Software provides superior FIX protocol and electronic trading technology solutions and services across multiple asset classes for leading global financial institutions. Financial markets all over the world are converging onto FIX standards for their data delivery, connectivity and Trading.
We developed a robust FIX Market Data Tick Server to capture market data being sent on multicast & multi channel formats. Our trading framework improves QuickFix’s performance, scalability and manageability. We build custom DMA, API and FIX connectivity solutions, FIX gateways, customized FIX engines, API’s, as well as FIX protocol-based smart order routing and clustering solutions for sell sides and buy sides.

    Our FIX solutions:

  • Market Gateway Design & Implementation for orders and market data
  • Smart order routing and monitoring
  • FAST encoding and decoding
  • FIX engine migration, scaling, Configuration and Administration
  • Custom APIs for counter-party integration