Our Products. Post-Trade Automation Products for Trading Firms

Our capital markets products bridge the gap between the front and back offices with automated management tailored to the needs of execution venues, broker dealers and trading firms. Our products are sophisticated, cost effective, easy to deploy, secure and will help your firm to manage today’s post-trade complexities.
N3 Software empowers trading firms with a suite of products that place them firmly in control of back office functions, while providing important benefits to the organization:


Market & Reference Data

mkt-ref-data1Gaining control over the financial market data used in trading is imperative for driving revenue growth, regulatory preparedness, operational efficiency and customer service. N3’s FeedHub product suite combine the management of reference, real-time and historical data with workflow tools to enable trading organizations establish data infrastructures that solve problems and stimulate growth. Our market data products go beyond the U.S. and European venues with hundreds of exchanges, FX liquidity providers, contributors around the world, as well as hundreds of indices and a broad range of instruments and asset classes from equities, futures and options to foreign currency rates, OTC markets and market depth.

FeedHub facilitates pre and post-trade analysis, portfolio evaluation and compliance monitoring across multiple asset classes. Market data and historical database solution for storing and managing real-time and high-volume time-series data as well as tools for application hosting, cross symbology services and analytic modeling. We partnered with third-party content aggregators, software vendors for the data and tools to provide robust selection of sources. With FeedHub, we help combine market data, technical analysis, development tools and trading integration plug-ins in a perfect mix to suit any firm’s unique needs. In addition, we offer sophisticated solutions on wide range of global content and with full access to instruments traded worldwide, as well as API and formula script solutions for seamless integration of data with clients’ infrastructure.

    Supported commercial data vendor systems and tools:

  • Enterprise market data solutions from Bloomberg, Thomson-Reuters, Interactive Data, Activ, Dow Jones, Factset, SunGard, Charles River, xIngite
  • Low Latency Market Data systems from Celoxica, Spryware
    Sophisticated Market & Reference data applications includes:

  • Exchange feed handlers to feed into ticker plants, trading systems, monitoring and analytics engines
  • Market data & referential data integration with trading, risk, accounting and reporting systems
  • Consolidated securities master for global securities and reference symbol master across multiple trading venues
  • Market & reference data for accounting/portfolio management applications
  • Tools for storing, managing and analyzing real-time & historical time-series data and a range of financial, economic, risk and research content delivered throughout the day
  • Data API(s) to integrate content into risk management platforms, trading systems, and proprietary applications and websites
  • Develop and implement low latency and high throughput enterprise level systems

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Fast Reports

Portfolio Reporting

folio_reporting1Portfolio and client reporting can be improved by focusing on demonstrated returns, control risk, responsive to regulatory requirements and better client relationships. Inevitability of regulatory changes, fluctuating markets need reporting that is transparent, objective, and simple to instills confidence and trust in clients, helping cement client relationships.

Investors these days are demanding the kind of sophisticated performance reporting that until now was exclusively available to the institutional market. Detailed risk analytics, ad hoc reports at short notice, necessitates a need for a sophisticated client reporting platform. On the other hand, institutional clients need more complicated and technical graphs and figures, along with more extensive calculations and in-depth commentary. Traditional reporting with static reports, spreadsheets is quite cumbersome to produce, inefficient to deliver and is probably not on demand.

Portfolio360 is a reporting & analytics solution beyond spreadsheets. Investment managers, who are frustrated with multiple systems and spreadsheets, need a solution that help communicate effectively and efficiently with their client/ investor base.

    Portfolio360 solution streamlines complex and labor intensive portfolio tracking and client reporting functions:

  • Interactive dashboard for clients/investors with various reports on their portfolios/investments
  • Browser based solution, accessible from multiple devices
  • Extensive analytical tools for investment data analytics & quantitative data visualization
  • Selective access levels to investors, investment advisors, fund administrators and fund managers
  • On demand reports with extensive interactive charts, tables and detailed stats
  • Intuitive, unconstrained slicing and dicing of metrics for truly custom reports

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Data Analytics & Visualization

visual1Analyzing post trade data and visualizing the results can be a crucial activity in any decision making process. VisualData provides trading firms with data visualization technologies for risk analysis, pre-trade and post-trade checks, compliance monitoring, fraud detection, trading & execution, profitability analysis, research and sales, data latency monitoring, and portfolio performance and attribution.
Traditional tools provide very limited analytics and visualization features, no features for interactive view navigation and refinement. Trading firms that want to keep an edge must be able to process and capitalize on market anomalies in real time by analyzing massive amounts of live and historical data to power their trading decisions. In addition to being a highly valuable tool for traders, who often involved daily with hundreds of securities, data visualization also is being harnessed across the board by firms.

    Our analytics and visualization tools enable wealth managers, portfolio and risk managers, among others, to make better quality insightful decisions in less time:

  • Visualization components and widgets in Adobe Flex that can be customized for web or desktop environment with components such as: heat map, tree map, advanced charts, market calendar, quote sheets, news, ticker tape and more
  • Dashboards for fast, effective analysis of real-time streaming feeds from CEP engines, time series data sets and all types of traditional databases
  • In-memory OLAP data model, row or column oriented databases, teal time streams or CEP outputs
  • Data simulation and replay tools: replay market conditions up to a milli-second to gain insights

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Post-Trade Compliance and Surveillance Reporting

comply1In today’s trading environment, with increased regulatory focus on protecting securities market participants, trade reporting and trade surveillance are key to providing transparency, efficiency and oversight as well as present serious risk to trading firms. The number of liquidity venues and strategies for routing orders, however, has amplified the complexity of securities markets and made post-trade & compliance processes more challenging.
In addition, as the markets, related technologies and trading strategies evolve, new reporting requirements are introduced and revised, creating additional complexity for market participants. Sell-side and buy-side firms, exchanges, and ECNs are required to collect, analyze and report more information in a timelier manner than ever before.
N3’s compliance and surveillance solution works off of the FIX drop copy files and our proprietary Java FIX engine is utilized as a central trade file processing engine to generate the post-trade reports.

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